Everyone deserves a chance to grow

Victoria Herzog, Tri-lingual Therapist

Do you know someone who is:

  • struggling in their relationships, or at work or school,
  • seems angry, anxious, or depressed,
  • worries about cultural or ethnic differences,
  • needs support with sexual or gender identity,
  • or wants help with a child or children (younger or older)?

I specialize in working with teens, families, couples, and adults in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Why Do Therapy?

If you're reading this, it's possible that you (or someone you know) is going through a hard time or needs some extra support. Life isn't simple, and relationships are usually complicated. Depending on what's happened to you, you may be feeling bad about yourself, your relationships, your parenting or loved ones, or simply where you are in your life personally and professionally. And you might not understand why you worry so much or feel so tired.

A good therapist can help you change that. All it takes is some willingness to try.

Why Work With Me?

Because I'm not just a private-practice therapist. I have worked for years in high-need and challenging environments, including schools, medical clinics, and community agencies. I also supervise and train other therapists. In short, I am highly experienced and know how to work with many different concerns and complex situations. If you're looking for a therapist, it is important to find one who can really help you figure out what's going on and what to do about it. 

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